Light In Winter

This was my second time having the pleasure of working with Caleb Rexius. We had a blast running around the city and while it was very cold, there was an unexpected amount of sunlight which was unique for the middle of winter. I have a lot of respect for who Caleb is and the art he creates. I’ve worked with a ton of directors both as a producer and as talent, but Caleb’s work truly stands out from the crowd.

Directed, shot and edited by Caleb.


Yesterday we shot at Mt. Hood all day, and I was able to bring my camera along and get a few shots of the snow and my beautiful friend, Kenna. The snow was peaceful and it was nice to get out of the city for the day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Thump Coffee

I always admire when people not only excel in their craft, but still have a passion for it years after they began…constantly pushing themselves and always learning. My friends over at Thump are doing just that.

Genuine People.

Responsibly Sourced.

Delicious Coffee.

These are terms that only crack the surface of this truly amazing company. You see, I have know the owner and roaster genius behind the brand, Bobby, for years. Growing up in Bend, I met him and his family when I was just a kid, but even then his reputation for his expertise in coffee was unsurpassed. And he’s only gotten better. Over the years, the people at Thump have become great friends; we stop in and know that we will always be taken care of. The competition is fierce in this industry, but Thump is at the top of the game. All of their beans are fair trade and they are absolutely exquisite. Whenever we are in Bend, Michael and I stack up as many pounds as we can to take back to Portland. And now they have a subscription so the beans will be freshly delivered to our door! Doesn’t get any better.

I salute you, Thump. You guys are truly killing it, and you make our mornings beautiful.


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Savor The Moment

This past year has been full of ups and downs, a lot of changes, and several new and exciting things. Proof that I have been busy is found in the fact that I haven’t updated my blog for 6 months. Oops.

On a personal note, my husband and I moved into the Alphabet District over the summer and we have been loving life in our new neighborhood. We are surrounded by beauty, old architecture, and everything we need is in walking distance. It’s like our own little version of Europe. Our cat Rooney has a fun view of lots of squirrels, birds, and random people, so he is satisfied as well. We are all very happy.

On a professional note, I made the hard decision to move on from Faceout Films as a producer to go out on my own and pursue other projects. I am so proud of the work that we produced at FF and how much we all learned and stretched ourselves in a few short years. The whole crew over at Faceout is like family to me and I miss them tremendously. At the same time, it’s been an awesome and challenging adventure to work for myself and with other inspiring vendors and companies. I recently produced several shoots in partnership with Zach Ancell for Reebok, and these images and look books will release in Spring 2016. I have a few other things up my sleeve that I am excited to share about soon.

I am learning to take things one day at a time and to savor each moment, each day. I’ve been reminded lately about the fragility of life, so for now I am cutting out unnecessary distractions and focusing on what truly matters. It’s a freeing feeling, to just let go and enjoy the beauty that is all around us. To lift our heads from our phones, to look people in the eye, and to spread kindness wherever we go.

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Here is some new work out for Nashelle.  I had a lovely time working with the entire team on this shoot. Plus, being on location in Bend, Oregon is never a bad thing.

IMG_7159 IMG_6754 IMG_7067 IMG_6506 IMG_6214 IMG_6450 IMG_7077 IMG_6283

Santa Barbara & LA Adventures

I was recently inspired by my friend Mervyn to start filming more “everyday moments” and figured that our vacation would be a perfect time to do so. Michael and I had the best time last week hanging out in California. It was relaxing and perfect. We drank a lot of great coffee, ate incredible food, and spent time doing a whole lot of nothing in the sun…a perfect vacation.

Happy Valentines Day!

Photos by Boone Rodriguez for Junghwa By Amy Stewart.

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For Meaning Will Come…

The other night my husband Michael and I decided to open up a classic book and do some reading together. Now before you go jumping to conclusions about how sophisticated and sharp we are, keep in mind that this is not a typical evening activity for us; we usually watch one of our favorite television shows or play Words With Friends on our phones before heading to sleep. I’m grateful that we decided to switch it up on this particular evening, however-because the content left a deep impression on us both.


We picked a fairytale in George MacDonald’s The Gifts of the Child Christ, and took turns reading out loud. The story is based around a girl named Little Daylight (also the name of a cool band) born to a king and queen. When the princess is just a baby, a bunch of fairies come to her christening to give her blessings and “remarkable gifts.” Trouble quickly assumes the christening when an evil fairy shows up and ruins the party by bestowing upon Little Daylight a gift (or curse) of a type of insomnia. As you can expect, the king was kind of freaking out at this “gift” from the evil fairy, and he started to grieve. The final fairy is able to give a gift with hopes that the curse will one day be lifted, but it has certain limits and sounds a bit complicated. The flustered king asks the final fairy, “I don’t know what that means…” She replies with something profound and it was a single statement that brought Michael and I to a complete pause and state of awe as he read the words aloud…

“Don’t be afraid. The meaning will come with the thing itself,” said she.

Deep breath.

What a timely word, for anyone, at any stage in life, I would so boldly claim.

Why is it in life that we always complicate our thoughts with the unknowns? Why is it that we so easily jump to the worst-case-scenario as we analyze our plans and circumstances? Or maybe it’s the best-case-scenario that we jump to. Either way, we are “jumping” ahead to the unknown when we react out of fear or anxiety. I can be the worst at this. My personality type is ENFP, which for me means that I feel deeply, dream wildly, and easily get bored. I like to run at a thousand miles an hour, working on twenty different projects at the same time, all the while always thinking ahead to what my next project will be before I finish the last twenty. This is why I do yoga.

I’m (obviously) all about dreaming and thinking about the future and the unknown. I think it can be very healthy. But when we start to fret and over-analyze like the king was in our story, this is where things can become toxic to our minds.

*And then I must add, in addition to the normal and more typical stresses about the unknowns, that sometimes in life, really hard stuff happens that we cannot even wrap our heads around. We humbly come before God in brokenness and ask him, “why?!” I believe that it’s okay to be honest with God, and to share our thoughts and emotions with him, without a plastic filter. I believe God wants this for us. And yet, in my own personal deepest seasons of suffering, I’ve found that is when I seek him the most and thus, feel most connected to him…(more on suffering in a later post).

Although I’ve only lived a short time, I’ve come to find that things have a way of working themselves out in life. Or, put more poetically as our fairy reminds us, “meaning will come with the thing itself.” I’m not sure where you are at in life, but hearing that, my friends, is a fresh of breath air.

Life is hard. It is messy. But do not be afraid. Love you, friends.

Photo by Robert Hamilton

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Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

My #1 Trick For Committing To A Workout

For me, the most difficult part of working out is actually getting out the door and committing to it. I’m the queen of excuses all throughout the day as to why I don’t have time. However, I do have one trick that is tried and true, at least for me, and it all starts with fashion.

My workout of choice is Barre3, which I absolutely love and would go as far as saying that it’s completely changed my life-but I’ll elaborate on that another day. One of the greatest things about a Barre3 class is that you can wear comfy workout clothes and you don’t have to wear shoes or socks. This makes it really easy for me to transform my everyday outfits into workout outfits. For example, if I am out and about running errands all afternoon, I’ll slip on exactly what I’m going to wear to my Barre3 class (leggings, tank), but then cover up with a cool jacket and some cute booties-no one knows that I’m actually rocking my workout gear! This simple trick is one that I can really stick with, even if it just means wearing one of the items that I’m going to wear in class. I’ve found ways to get really creative with it. When I’m already wearing some or all of my workout gear, it just seems lame to cancel a workout on yourself, so it’s a really great accountability tool.

At the very least, if I am at the office or somewhere where no single item of workout clothing is appropriate, I’ll pack a bag full of workout clothes in my car…that way when I’m driving home, tired from a long day…my workout bag will be right there, staring me in the face.

What is your go-to accountability tool for committing to your workout? I would love to hear!

Jacket: Andrew Marc

Tank/Sports Bra/Leggings: lululemon

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Sunglasses: Marc By Marc Jacobs


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Chilly Winter Walks

Going on an outdoor hike or walk this time of year tends to call for thick jackets and a fast pace to keep warm. I’ve come to appreciate the changing seasons and what they have to offer. It’s refreshing to get outside even when the weather isn’t ideal, and it makes you savor the warm fireplace and hot tea when you return. Below are some shots from recent hikes and walks; one with my husband Michael along the river trail behind our home, and the other on a trail in Bend with my little brother Philip and his dog Pete.

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